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The TV Sales Pro Certification Program is a comprehensive course of study that covers the essential elements of professional-selling practices for the broadcast television industry. 

94% of Insight Edge training participants have rated our sessions "Better" or "Best"compared to previous training they had received!

Each of our programs have been designed to address the basic needs of the new sales representative as well as those of the more experienced representative who has not yet had the advantage of a comprehensive sales training program.  The TV Sales Pro teaching method offers entertaining and informative sessions that keep your sales teams attention and remember the principles being introduced. 

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Selling by Personality Style:  This program is regarded the best in the broadcast business and it’s loaded with practical personality skill set applications.   A DiSC personality profile is customized for each participant, so they learn about their own particular style and how they are perceived by others.  How to identify customer’s preferred communication styles, leave effective voice mails that work in your favor, learn to write action oriented emails, and closing sales most effectively to increase successes in the field. 

Business & Media Math:  Knowing how to utilize and comfortably present “the numbers” during presentations is essential to the TV Sales Pro. Unfortunately most salespeople fail to use, or don’t realize how, math is the key to understanding the prospects business and the base of all solution oriented presentations.  Also covers the math basics that are essential to manage and service a sales territory.  Comes complete with exercises and follow up. 

Qualifying and Prospecting:  Going against the stereotypical image of a “Let me tell you what I have for you today,” sales person, into a greater capability of professional communications. Learn how to listen better and ask questions in a manner that, at times, replaces the need for “closing”.  Gathering the appropriate information is critical as the sales garu G.I. Joe says, “Knowing is half the battle”.

New Business Development/Key TV Ad Categories
An in-depth look into several key categories.  How to learn more about their business, learn to speak their language, and using research to gain a competitive edge.

Co-Op and Vendor Support:
 It’s different than just a few years ago so learn to find or create additional dollars for your advertising partners.  Discover hands-on skill sets that expand and add to ad budgets to gain reach and frequency that can make a huge difference.  The extra work and effort can build your client interaction into a long-term relationship.

How to Read & Use the NSI Rating Book:
  The basics of uncovering, aligning, and presenting data to your advertisers.  Covers how to use rating numbers within presentations to support and compliment your recommendations.

Questioning and Listening Skills:  Your prospect's pain (unaccomplished objectives) is usually the number one motivator why they will buy. Unfortunately, most salespeople have no idea how much the pain is costing their prospects in both dollars and emotional expense.  By uncovering your prospect's true pain, you separate yourself from the competition, and you can better justify selling at higher margins. In addition, your prospect will be less likely to put off a decision if you help them better understand what their problem is costing them.

Presentation Skills:  A TV sales pro that can stand in front of an advertiser or small group, with poise and confidence, can immediately create the perception of competency. This program helps salespeople polish their presentation style so that they appear even more confident, poised, and in control while speaking. We focus on ways to design and deliver powerful presentations that turn into closed sales.

Competitive Media:  Practical skill sets and knowledge to place your presentation on top of the clients review list.  Learn how to put your competitor’s weaknesses in the minds of your customers without being offensive.   Take the high road to educating your clients so they make the right buying decisions for their marketing dollars. Your team will be able to look at information coming from your competitor in a new light. You will walk into a competitive situation being confident that you will be able to favorably distinguish your company and product/service without having to resort to unethical or low-ball tactics.
Cold Calls, Objections, & Closing:
 Establishes the “funnel” process that helps the TV sales pro consistently evaluate and uncover new business.  Covers a strong sense of the basics and introduces new skill sets that even the seasoned sales executive will want to put into practice immediately.

The most effective way to increase sales, improve profit margins and sell value is to make sure your sales team ask for, and get, higher margins for your stations services. Buyers today are more sophisticated, and are trained how to talk down at your price and/or ask for additional spots without having to pay more.   Too often TV salespeople drop their price or provide additional features or services out of fear they will lose a customer.  Consistently dropping price or giving concessions cheapens your station’s services, devalues you as a salesperson, creates a poor relationship with your advertiser, and ultimately, costs you profits and revenues.
Selling Strategically:
  This is the ‘how to” for comprehensive deal strategy for the complex TV sell.  TV Sales Pros learn an established and documented processes so managers and sales people can understand, work with, and support an integrated selling strategy.  How to understand what’s important to several decision-makers and influencers within an organization you’re selling to and help establish urgency during the decision-making process.

Professional Selling & Business Ethics:  "Character" and “Trust” are the cornerstone of most long-term advertiser and TV Sales Pro relationships.  Building solid professional character skill sets lays the foundation needed for good ethical choices that give your station the competitive advantage.

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What TV Sales Pros are saying about Insight Edge Training!

The course has no doubt changed the way that I do business.  I know so much more about my customers and myself.  Thank you for this opportunity.  It will live with me forever.
Gary Moore was an amazing presenter.  I was very impressed by all the knowledge he brought to the table.  He made this week very fun and informative.
The personality profiling was unbelievably helpful. I now feel much more confident about meeting with my clients AND I feel like I know myself much better.
This is an extremely necessary course for this industry.
Besides all of the valuable information we obtained within the last two weeks, Ron and Gary both did a great job of keeping us interested and eager to learn more. We had a great class and had fun while learning and helping each other.
This has been an excellent experience. I honestly cannot express how much this has impacted me. Thank you!
I would recommend this to anyone interested in broadcast sales. It was an awesome experience – thank you!
Wish I had this when I started my career! Excellent from start to finish. Ron and Gary truly are the best!
Dedicated to helping you “raise the bar” to increase ad revenue, margins, and market share