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Recent quotes from our TV sales executive participants ….

  • Gary Moore was an amazing presenter.  I was very impressed by all the knowledge he brought to the table.  He made this week very fun and informative.
  • What a fantastic, positive experience this training has been for me! Not only did I learn more about broadcast television, I learned more about myself! Gary, you are a great teacher! Thank you!
  • It was awesome Gary. It was so much information I only wish we had more time to go over specific situations. Thanks.
  • Gary was excellent!!
  • The course has no doubt changed the way that I do business. I know so much more about my customers and myself. Thank you for this opportunity. It will live with me forever.
  • I wish I could stay longer! Great value!
  • The personality profiling was unbelievably helpful. I now feel much more confident about meeting with my clients AND I feel like I know myself much better.
  • Incredible! We have been taught so much valuable information that I will always carry with me! I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the time and effort put into this for us! Thank you!!
  • Besides all of the valuable information we obtained within the last two weeks, Ron and Gary both did a great job of keeping us interested and eager to learn more. We had a great class and had fun while learning and helping each other.
  • I would recommend this to anyone interested in broadcast sales. It was an awesome experience – thank you!
  • This has been an excellent experience. I honestly cannot express how much this has impacted me. Thank you!
  • Thank you Gary. It’s been a highly valuable experience.
  • This was an awesome week with an opportunity to expand outside our comfort zones. Practical tools to apply specifically to our industry. I will certainly recommend colleagues come to take it.
  • Great information as well as practice for situations that always come up.
  • Wish I had this when I started my career! Excellent from start to finish. Ron and Gary truly are the best
  • Gary is absolutely amazing! He has a wealth of knowledge and I’m grateful for this opportunity.
  • Thank you for investing your time and resources, this is extremely helpful.
  • Gary made the class very interesting and fun to learn.
  • Awesome!
  • This is an extremely necessary course for this industry.
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