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Broadcast Consulting That is Second to None!

TV Sales Pro is a joint effort of Ron Steiner, President of The Marketing Communications Group and Gary Moore, President of Insight Edge. We have been serving the broadcast television industry for over 25 years providing consulting, training, and services that allow stations to maximize the potential of their valued ad sales teams.

Sales Consultants for Profitable Sales Growth

We improve our clients' sales productivity, performance, and profitability. TV Sales Pro excels in sales consulting to assist stations with their sales processes. Sales planning and customizing sales planning processes for salespeople is a major focus of our business.

Sales Planning Is a Key to TV Sales Success

We specialize in strategic planning for sales, as well as developing individual salesperson sales plans. In addition, our professional assistance to established or start up companies includes sales compensation plans and performance evaluation programs, as well other sales and marketing activities.

Sales success begins by addressing fundamentals. Once the basics of sales force organization and management practices are firmly anchored within your firm, we focus on individual sales plans for your sales personnel. Our work complements whatever selling system or concept you are currently using, or can help you choose an approach that best suits your sales culture.

TV stations need a professional approach to coordinating and sharply focusing the entire sales process. Done properly, it sets the stage for teamwork and real achievement. A guideline for your company, setting forth formal guidelines, standards, methods and procedures, is a critical set of tools for you realizing you goals. When the TV Sales Pro and the LSM/GSM know exactly what is expected of them, and it is communicated effectively, your ability to accomplish your goals will increase dramatically.

We can help you:

  • Increase sales effectiveness
  • Give you an "anchor" during change
  • Communicate values and professionalism
  • Foster teamwork
  • Reinforce or establish sales culture
  • Set forth responsibilities for sales process

Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can customize a program for your station and market!

Dedicated to helping you “raise the bar” to increase ad revenue, margins, and market share