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What others are saying about Insight Edge

"Relationships remain a key ingredient to successfully selling and reselling local retail accounts.  Today, more than ever, medium and small sized advertisers require individualized attention.  At the same time, newspaper salespeople appreciate a program and an instructor that understand our business.  Insight Edge offers these solutions."

"I received a call from an ad salesperson from another newspaper.  She was nervous and wanted to discuss a renewal challenge she was about to face with an auto dealers' annual contract.  I shared some information from your session.  Bottom line, she used the information and signed the dealer to a $400,000 agreement, a 9% increase!  The information gave her the confidence to ask for more.  Thanks for the help!"

"Insight Edge, represented by Gary Moore, did a two-day training session during our Sales Academy.  The session was very valuable to the overall curriculum.   I would recommend Gary to others.  Great stuff, presented in a very appealing manner."

"Your training class truly improved my sales techniques.  Learning to react to different personalities has been a true gift.  I have also learned not to take "No" as an answer when trying to make a sale, which has been a major factor in my sales career."

"Combining Insight Edge's relationship building, strategic planning, and sales training principles with Gary Moore's track record and keen knowledge of the newspaper industry is a recipe for sure success. They're a dynamic combination that will provide great value to every sized newspaper organization."

"Your Insight Edge Advertiser Intelligence newsletter has been a vital tool to our success.  It's like having an extended marketing team helping the salespeople."

"Your Advertiser Intelligence newsletter is an integral part of our market intelligence.  A valuable tool for keeping ahead of the competition.  Staying on top of our customers' activities is essential and your weekly service gives us a competitive edge we can't afford to miss."

"Every week, our sales team anticipates and utilizes important updates from the Insight Edge Advertiser Intelligence newsletter.  It challenges us to be better!"

"The Insight Edge Advertiser Intelligence newsletter service is a valuable digest of information that I share with key decision makers throughout our company as well as in advertising.  It helps to inform the entire organization about the challenges and opportunities related to advertising."


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