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A Fresh Approach to Your Recruiting Opportunities

Insight Edge’s mission is to become an exceptional partner for your long-term success and team building activities.  We operate from a value-based platform grounded in integrity, mutual accountability and respect.  Media companies and many preeminent leaders have learned to place their confidence in Insight Edge for their organizational and personal career advancement.   When you say “go”, we respond quickly to put forth noble and respectable searches combined with service levels that are required to thrive in today’s competitive and unpredictable marketplace.

Your search firm selection is a direct reflection on your media company; we’ll earn the right to nurture that relationship.  Our refreshing search skills provide you a competitive edge in your recruiting process and we understand how critical “the right fit” outcome is for your organization.  Finding the appropriate ad leader improves the chances your organization will maximize the revenue potential in your respective market.

Our Search for Excellence Process is integrated with our knowledge and extensive experience in the media industry.  It’s essential for you to know while each search has a unique set of circumstances a typical executive recruiting engagement takes 12 to 22 weeks. During this time Insight Edge works collaboratively with you to identify, attract and recruit candidates through a five-phase process:

Step 1: Due Diligence and Launch:

  • Perform an assessment linked to your organization and the position, including in-depth interviews with those you identify that have a vested internal interest in the successful candidate’s contributions
  • Establish roles and responsibilities; and the overall coordination of all involved
  • Create comprehensive position definition, including roles, responsibilities and requirements to develop the job description
  • Customize search documents, including an assessment grid and interview templates

 Step 2: Networking

  • Research to identify organizations and individuals with relevant experience that will efficiently expand existing networks
  • Rigorous networking
  • Adapt posting strategy

Step 3: Candidate Management

  • Review, screen, and prioritize resumes
  • Manage communication with all applicants
  • Develop the short list

Step 4: Facilitating the Interview Process

  • Conduct in-depth candidate screening via phone
  • Schedule in-person interviews and details
  • Manage candidate relationships; facilitate organization and candidates relationship building
  • Advise client on organization’s interview process

Step 5: Bring it all Together

  • Conduct professional referencing with named and independent referees
  • Create and extend the offer
  • Assist with the transition

When you engage Insight Edge Executive Search services you can be confident that we adhere to the highest standards.  As mentioned above, we are committed to serving employers and applicants with honesty and integrity at every level.

  • We adhere to standards of fair play and address all conduct that appears to be done with the intent, capability or effect of being deceptive
  • We make every effort to provide accurate details to our clients and candidates
  • We honor all commitments and seek to resolve any disputes in a fair and prompt manner
  • We bring forward candidates who have experience or exhibit the potential to be appropriate for the position being offered
  • We obtain permission from a candidate prior to submitting information to a client
  • We agree, when requested, to brief all candidates before they attend an interview with a client
  • We have a commitment to an ongoing learning process dedicated to the recruiting profession
  • We agree to address “conflict of interest”, if any, before attempting to fill a vacancy
  • We approach a current employer for a reference only with the expressed permission of the candidate
  • We handle information supplied through a reference as confidential to the recruitment process
  • The details contained in advertisements are clearly based on information taken from clients and any description or terms and conditions offered are to be truly representative of the position being offered.  All advertisements are to be in accordance of the EEOC

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