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Insight Edge Knows the Ad Business – Over 250 Years of Successful Experience

Our media partners call us when they are faced with challenges — whether it is a major strategic need or when a revenue opportunity presents itself. They look to us for straight-forward, objective, thoughtful, and street wise advice.  Direction that is practical with solutions that redirect opportunistic efforts without disrupting what is going right.  They expect an advertising-driven perspective that has an intimate understanding of how advertisers mix with their media reps.

Our media partners turn to us when they find themselves under pressure to deliver results. They rely on us in uncertain times. They talk to us when insights or time is scarce. We get calls when they need to make decisions that will have major consequences for their people and their organizations. They call us when they want a media wise perspective.

We partner with individuals and companies to explore extraordinary opportunities, manage and sustain growth, and maximize revenue.  This is accomplished through training and consulting services that focuses on eliminating complacency, mediocrity and indifference.  Our Sales Pro programs can work for you.

Insight Edge is a family business based on integrity and solid practices.

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